I get asked this the most........

I get asked a lot what machines are in my sewing room, so today I thought I'd share with you some of the my favorite tools...

First, let me start by saying that I have been through a few sewing machines. A lot of what I sew is thick and needs a high quality machine.

The very first sewing machine I bought for my business was a BROTHER SE-400. A nice little machine that will allow you to embroider in a 4x4 space and sew light fabrics. This machine worked great for me for a while but I quickly outgrew my embroidery area and also began sewing thicker fabrics so this machine just couldn't handle it. It's perfect for a beginner or someone who sews light to mid-weight fabrics.

My second machine was also a Brother, the CS6000I which was a nice machine for light to medium sewing. With a walking foot, it can sew thicker fabrics, but it's very slow. This machine just handles sewing, so I needed an embroidery machine.

I've owned a JANOME HD3000. It's a heavy duty machine and I was at the point in my business that I needed it to handle big jobs! I was getting very busy and my little Brother couldn't keep up. I really liked this machine but I over worked it and asked too much of it. After less than a year I broke the needle shaft. I really don't think it was a poor quality machine, I think I over worked it and it wasn't meant for as heavy duty jobs as I was putting it through. I felt the machine was priced right and I also feel that it served me well while it was working and I would suggest it for the hobby sewer.

They say save the best for last...... My favorite machine is my Juki DDL-8700. I love, love, love this machine! This baby is a real work horse! The Juki 8700 is an industrial machine, the same ones used by manufacturers. It will go through anything I have put through it with ease. One day I had eight layers of vinyl that went through like butter! The stitching is so pretty and smooth looking. I love the varying speed - it takes time to work up to how fast this machine can go. I highly recommend getting the servo motor. It's not much more and worth the little extra money. I really wish I had purchased this machine first. Save yourself the time and money and get it now. I purchased my machine HERE, I can't say enough about the customer service at Sewing Gold, every time I have called or emailed with questions they were answered quickly and cheerfully.

Ask for Steve, tell him that I sent you. I am so glad that I purchased my machine from them. I hope that you found this helpful. Leave a comment and tell me what machine you use and why you like it. 

Happy Stitches! Mary

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