My Favorite Embroidery Sites

I am pretty new to embroidery. I purchased my machine in November of 2015 and looked at it for a few months. Too be honest it scared me. In January of 2016 I decided to give it a try and pretty much had issues with everything I touched for a month, then something clicked and we became friends. I can't say exactly what happened, maybe user error and I finally GOT IT? 
I own a Brother PE-770. It's a great machine and if I needed to I would purchase one again. The PE-770 sells for 569.00 on Amazon. I did purchase mine from Amazon but wish I had purchased at a dealer so I would have had more help when I was struggling with it.  The PE-770 comes with a 5x7 hoop, which is a good size. So far I haven't had to stitch out anything bigger than the 5x7 hoop but it would be nice to stitch out more than three key fobs at a time. 
So what do I stitch out? I love to make personalized makeup bags for my customers. They all love them and enjoy having something personalized just for them. You can see them HERE.  I also have fun making tote bags for customers with monograms or our Georgia Girl logo and you can see them HERE.  My favorite tote bag pattern reviews coming soon! 
I also love to stitch out key chains! Yes, key chains! It is actually what I do to relax. They are easy and don't require to much embroidery knowledge. The hardest part is cutting them out but even thats not to hard. I'll give tips later for cutting them out, so keep reading!
So where do I like to get my designs from?
My favorite embroidery site is NANA'S HANDMADE BOUTIQUE. All the designs stitch out so well, the Facebook group is fun and engaging and will always help you when needed. 
Another great site is BUGGALENA. I love her mom key fobs and they all stitch out great and sell well.
BOWS AND CLOTHES is another great site. I love the chapstick holders and the fonts she offers stitch out nice to.
A couple of other great ones are Rivermill Embroidery, Itch2Stitch, The Bean Stitch and Designs By JuJu. Everything that I have purchased from them has stitched out great!
So you've stitched out your key chain design, now you have to cut it out. This took me a little bit to get used to. The biggest tip I can give is to not think about cutting it perfectly! Seriously, the more I think about how I am cutting the worse it looks! Just get out of your head and cut. Try not to cut to close to the stitches, if you cut those your design will unravel. When cutting around corners don't move the scissors, move the vinyl. I also use the tips of my scissors to cut very tight corners, learned that one after I cut through a key chain:o) 
Scissors I think may be a personal choice. I use THESE, they were referred to me by someone on Embroidery By Nana's Handmade group, I highly suggest you join, CLICK HERE
I also use these small scissors to trim jump stitches and they can be found HERE
So that about covers it. Next blog post I will share were I get all of my supplies from so sign up for the email list so you don't miss it! And like I said earlier my favorite pattern reviews are coming up soon as well!
Thanks for hangin' around.


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