Where can you get the best marine vinyl?

I love working with marine vinyl and making items on my Cricut Maker.

Have you every bought marine vinyl and wondered why it costs so much? This is something that has always bothered me. Your local store may sell it for $19.99 a yard and you need a coupon to cut that price down. It makes it harder for a small business to succeed when prices are so high. Then you have the cost of buying a 12-inch roll of vinyl online and paying shipping.  Or buying from amazon and you get a few 8"x6" pieces. What if I told you that I found some awesome marine vinyl and the price was drastically cut?! I bet you'd be happy.

Well, I have, so read on..... Last month I was doing an internet search looking for marine vinyl for a project. I had previously purchased some from two online sources and at my local craft store. I knew I could find what I needed at a better price so I kept looking and stumbled upon a store called Marine Vinyl Fabric. I purchased 2 yards just to give it a test.

My order arrived in just days, rolled up and on a long tube. I was impressed before even opening my package. Once I opened it and rolled it out I was even happier! The material is soft and well made, so I began preparing it to use. 

I decided to play with the material and see how it compared to the vinyl I had been using. I made about 20 of my cord wraps and was really happy with how they came out. Most vinyl I had bought in the past has had a thick white backing on it and it shows around the edges when you cut out your project. Marine Vinyl Fabrics does not have that unsightly white mark around the edges. Yay!

I know many of us embroider kids' clothes and towels, so I asked Marine Vinyl Fabrics if their product was washable, and it is! You just need to line dry it - another plus. They have nineteen colors available! You can request FREE samples from them as well.

And the best part, the price.....$8.95 or per yard!! Yes, I know what you're thinking, that's amazing! You do pay shipping but that isn't even a bad price. And the more you buy, the more you save! 

Here are a few things that I have made with their vinyl.

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